Opening: Seasonal Hydrologic Technician – FILLED

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Lolo National Forest

Supervisor’s Office
24 Fort Missoula Road
Missoula MT 59804

The seasonal Hydrologic Technician would assess watershed conditions across the Lolo National Forest. This would primarily entail looking at old Forest Service roads for signs of erosion near stream channels. This would involve walking old road beds and stream channels to assess conditions.

There would also be some assistance implementing watershed restoration work. This would include upgrading undersized culverts to meet Aquatic Organism Passage standards. Part of this work would be extensive erosion control at construction sites, stream channel surveys, post construction monitoring, and electrofishing and fish removal. There would also be some work on stream restoration projects. This may include surveys before and after construction, clipping willows for restoration, planting willows and other plants, and erosion control.

There would be the opportunity to attend interdisciplinary team meetings for various planning projects. These would in the field site visits and office meetings. This would give the hydrologic technician the ability to learn more about the inner workings of the Forest Service.

The hydrologic technician would work with another permanent hydrologic technician, the forest hydrologists, and an intern hydrologic technician over the course of their employment. There will also be the opportunity for the seasonal employee to work with the fish biologist and archeologist, whom are Native American.

Support to be Provided

The Lolo National Forest will provide computer for the seasonal employee and other equipment. There may potentially be housing available at a Forest Service bunkhouse.

Interested applicants, please call Joshua Rosenau at 406-275-4056.