About the center


SKC TREES began in the fall of 2013 to expand leadership and educational opportunities for Native American students and professionals within natural resource fields.

Our staff provide opportunities in training, education, internship support, and mentoring to students and professionals nationwide.

Our mission is to provide quality education, mentoring, and internship opportunities to Native American youth and natural resource students throughout the nation, to help foster culturally driven natural resource research relevant to tribal communities, and to provide quality and relevant workforce development and training in natural resource topics to tribal and federal natural resource technicians and professionals.

Our vision  is to become a central point for the promotion of natural resource careers amongst Native American students and to provide training and support to build capacity in natural resource research and management for tribes, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and affiliated agencies across the nation.

Our Programs:


 SKC TREES currently offers programs in Forestry Management and WIldland Fire Management.

These programs exclusively serve students enrolled in federally recognized tribes.  




BIA Pathways

The Bureau of Indian Affairs Pathways program offers paid internships and scholarships for emerging leaders who are seeking degrees in natural resources management and other related environmental and biological science fields.

SKC TREES focuses on student internships in Forestry and Wildland Fire positions.

This program not only offers students paid employment, while they continue their education, but also gives them valuable and unique work experiences. Placements are rotational summer assignments within different programs and work environments, where students can train and job shadow with industry professionals.

Program Benefits
o Up to $5,000 Tuition/education subsistence,
o Paid Summer Employment – related to academic field of study,
o Travel and Rotational summer assignments,
o Students are recruited nationally across Indian Country,
o Do not have to have prior work experience,
o Mentoring, training and career development opportunities,
o Flexible schedules,
o Vacation, Sick and Holiday Pay,
o Life Insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Benefits, and Retirement, and
o Potential for non-competitive placement after graduation into an entry-level BIA or tribal position.

Interested Students