Opening: USFS Resource Assistant – Forest Inventory Analysis, Mt. Shasta, CA

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Pacific Northwest Research Station: Unit 19, Mount Shasta, California

The Resource Assistant will participate in FIA as a part of the Resource Monitoring and Assessment Program in the Pacific Northwest Research Station.They will work alongside a Forest Service staff member to assist with field data collection activities, learning the “phase 2” forest inventory protocol with the expectation that they will eventually be experts in protocol.

Inventory protocol includes gathering data on:

  • tree growth, mortality, health, structure
  • understory vegetation structure and composition.

Protocol also includes information collected on downed woody material and description of field site physiographic conditions.

Tools used to collect this data include measuring tapes, laser range finders, compass, clinometer, increment borer, personal data recorders, and field guides.This work requires extended work hours and travel. Overnight travel is required to collect field data at remote locations on a regular, reoccurring basis.

Lodging may include a mix of motels/hotels or bunkhouses. Car camping and backpacking will be required if work locations are in areas without access to improved lodging facilities. The work is performed primarily in a field environment and required moderate strenuous exertion including walking, bending, and climbing in rugged terrain, under adverse conditions, for long periods of time carrying 45+ pound backpacks. On and off trail hiking and navigating are required. 

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Housing support provided.

$500 / week

Direct hire authority granted upon completion of 960 hours (6 mos. FT).

DEADLINE TO APPLY – March 21, 2020.

Interested applicants, please call Joshua Rosenau at 406-275-4056.