FILLED – Forestry/Hydrology Technician – Missoula Fire Sciences Lab

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Opening: FILLED – Forestry/Hydrology Technician – Missoula Fire Sciences Lab
Research and Development
Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory
5775 US Highway 10 W
Missoula, MT 59808-9361


1. Work will primarily take place at the Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest (TCEF) located in Central Montana. Primary duties consist of collecting and processing water quality samples on a 24-day cycle. This work entails using a handheld water quality probe (YSI brand; pH, Nitrate, DO, and conductivity) and retrieving sediment trays from 7 locations. The water samples are then processed (filtered, weighed, oven-dried, weighed, fired in furnace, weighed) in the laboratory.

2. Four additional water quality collection sites are also maintained. These remote sites are hike-in only and no sediment data is collected.

3. All water quality locations (11 total) are equipped with solar panel, battery, and data logger systems that often require trouble-shooting and repair/maintenance.

4. Conduct fire history data sampling across the TCEF. This work entails hiking cross-country to fixed plot locations. Data collected includes tree data (species, diameter), assessment of cone serotiny, removing cores from trees with increment borer, and collecting wood samples for fire scar and age data. Samples and cores are then carried back cross-country to vehicle.

5. Other projects as necessary. May include helping to establish a remote data collection system (using solar-powered equipment such as transmitters, relays, remote cameras, etc.), clearing trails and roads, tool maintenance, and data entry.

Other important information:

1. Will be on a crew of 2-4 throughout the summer.

2. Duty station will be Missoula, MT (housing based on available vacancy).

3. We hope to primarily be working 8-day hitches (10-hour days) followed by 6 days off. This is subject to change according to other factors such as weather, water quality sampling cycle, etc.

4. While in travel status to the TCEF, crew will be staying in a bunkhouse situation with kitchen available. Meal planning and preparation is responsibility of each individual.

5. May have opportunity to work with other field crews located at the Missoula Fire Sciences Lab.

6. Will be working for Helen Smith, Manager of the TCEF.


Interested applicants, please call Joshua Rosenau at 406-275-4056.